Napa Valley: valley of wine

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Napa Valley: valley of wine

What is the most visited Northern Californian destination? Napa Valley, of course. Or head to the Sonoma wineries, too, and stay off the beaten path.

A famous anecdote tells of an international wine magazine conducting a blind test for the best 2005 vintages. Of 15 wines chosen, five were from California. Nobody now disputes the quality of wines from Napa Valley that, like almost all wine-growing regions, has extensive wine tourism. From San Francisco, you can head to Napa or to Sonoma. In particular, do not miss Beaulieu Vineyards, one of the oldest, founded in 1885 by a French couple. They have also been voted the best winery to visit; when you go, taste their excellent Cabernets. Of course, you can also stop in the vineyard of Francis Ford Coppola or at Domaine Chandon, another great choice. Young winemakers have partnered to open a wine cooperative in Oakland. You will discover lesser-known wines there, full of character and future.

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