Nan Lian Garden: gold and lotus

Nan Lian Garden: gold and lotus

Nan Lian shows us how China contributed to the art of gardening.

The harmony of the garden immediately charms you. Visiting the garden with a guide can be useful and enhance your emotion, as this place is a rarity in the art of the Chinese garden.

It incorporates the traditional style of the Jiangshouju garden in Shanxi, the only one developed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) that remains true to its original design today. Feng shui not the only guiding principle at Nan Lian Garden; everything was carefully thought out. Make your way at your own pace through small trails that lead to the waterfall and lake, where the air is perfumed with lilac and jasmine. And see how the millennial rocks have been integrated into the design. Two small elegant vermilion bridges span the lotus pond, leading to the garden's centrepiece, the golden Pavilion of Absolute Perfection.

Visit the vegetarian restaurant for a delicious break-it is next to the waterfall.

Nan Lian Garden
60, Fung Tak Road
Diamond Hill
Hong Kong

+852 3658 9366