Museum of the Revolution: hasta la victoria!

Museum of the Revolution: hasta la victoria!

In this city haunted by the figure of Che, make sure to take in the rich historical collections in this spectacular palace.

The Soviet SU-100 tank on the lawn, used by Fidel Castro at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, sets the tone. It contrasts nicely with the spacious pomp of this former presidential palace, designed by Paul Belau and Carlos Maruri.

Fulgencio Batista had barely been deposed when the building (where the former dictator narrowly escaped an assassination attempt) was requisitioned to sing the praises of the revolution. It chronologically presents the struggle of the Cuban people for their freedom. From the pre-Columbian culture to the current regime, you will cross the figures of Che and Castro among other propaganda materials, historical landmarks, and iconic pieces like the Granma, the boat that brought the rebels from Tuxpán (Mexico).

If the intricacies of modern history leave you cold, take a look at the interior design by Tiffany and the Salón de los Espejos, inspired by Versailles' Hall of Mirrors.

Museo de la Revolución
Calle Refugio n° 1
Centro Habana
10600 La Habana

+53 7 624091