Mocotó Sudeste cuisine

Mocotó Sudeste cuisine

Sudeste cuisine is the ‘terroir' cuisine of São Paulo.

This is one of the paradoxes of São Paulo. If you go by car, count 40 minutes. If you take a taxi, you'll be there in ten! On weekends, you can wait up to two hours for a table, but, as you are sipping one, then two delicious caipirinhas during this time, nothing matters, all the more so as you will then enjoy one the best cuisines of the region. Rodrigo Oliveira directs the restaurant, which he took over from his father, José.

Since the parade of dishes is endless, don't hesitate to try everything. Taste the diced tapioca in sweet and sour sauce, pork chops with pineapple, yellow beans with sausage and bacon, or cassava gratin, dried meat, and curd cheese. You may accompany these with a beer. Each plate is generous, so you can share and taste the different specialties of the house.

Avenida Nossa Senhora do Lorêto ,1100
São Paulo

+55 (0)11 2951 3056

Menu: around 65 BRL