Mori Art Museum: the heights of contemporary art

Mori Art Museum: the heights of contemporary art

Perched high atop a tower in the Roppongi Hills, the Mori Art Museum presents a taste of the contemporary art scene with its temporary exhibits.

After having made your way through the long legs of Maman, French artist Louise Bourgeois' spider replica that presides to the building's entrance, you will go up to the 52nd floor and visit the Mori Art Museum, inaugurated in 2003.

An innovative show by the new director in 2012 called 'Arab Express' showcased emerging artists from the Middle East. Many big names in contemporary art have made their way to the museum, including the stars of Japan, the visual artist Takashi Murakami, the photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, and the polka-dot visual artist Yayoi Kusama. International celebrities appear as well, including the video artist Bill Viola, who presented 1980s images from the Tsukiji fish market.

Be sure to take the extra ticket for the Sky Deck for a breath-taking panoramic view of Tokyo.

Mori Art Museum
Mori Tower 52F-53F
6-10-1 Roppongi
106-6153 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 5777 8600