Montreal Biodome: the ‘living' museum

Montreal Biodome: the ‘living' museum

Montreal's former velodrome has become a museum a genuine hymn to life.

A green oasis in the heart of the city, the Montreal Biodome recreates some of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Americas under its 1,620-square-metre roof. These include a rainforest lush, humid, and hot, even in the cold of a Montreal winter the Laurentian Maple Forest, changing with the seasons, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the sub polar regions of the Americas, the coasts of Labrador, and the sub Antarctic islands.

The Biodome, whose name means ‘dome of life', exposes visitors to the ‘true nature' of the Americas, displaying what is most beautiful and most amazing in its ecosystems, with their wildlife (penguins, beavers, alligators), their flora and climatic conditions. When the Biodome was inaugurated on June 18, 1992, its concept of development by ‘ecosystems' was a first in the world.

Twenty years later, this systemic approach is unsurpassed in its fidelity and complexity in representing the natural environment (rocks, climate, lighting) and by the finesse of the interactions between animal species, as well as between animal and plant species.

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