Monastiraki Flea Market: a passion for bargain hunting

Monastiraki Flea Market: a passion for bargain hunting

Right out of the subway, the tone is set. The merchants call out from one stand to another, while bargain hunters focus on their treasure hunt.

Bargain hunting is an attitude. You are not looking for anything in particular, but you poke about, look at a plate, a painting, or an icon for the pleasure of imagining their other lives. Suddenly you stop because of an overwhelming fondness for a broach, a carafe, or a belt that you did not expect, but without which you cannot leave.

The pleasure of going to the flea market is also that of discovering other worlds, other atmospheres. Here, just out of the metro (whose Art Deco entrance you have to admire), you find first a vintage second-hand clothes market, T-shirts, jewellery, old postcards and trinkets. It's worth spending a moment before going on to Avissynias Square.

Every Sunday, another market takes place there. They sell old books, furniture, and for vinyl fans, lots of records. Tradition dictates lunch in one of the taverns on the square, where you can tuck into a plate of grilled octopus or any of the other specialties while listening to Greek music.