Mission Cliffs: adventure for adventure's sake

Mission Cliffs: adventure for adventure's sake

In San Francisco, you don't play baseball, soccer, or basketball. If you like the sea, you surf, if you like the mountains, you climb.

Vertical Limit is the cult film for some and Point Break for others. Here you can learn about rock climbing, the preferred outdoor sport of city dwellers, along with surfing and biking. The steep streets of the city are already an excellent cardio workout, as is a mountain-bike crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge, but to really put yourself to the test, head to a climbing gym.

Mission Cliffs is a favourite of climbers because of a wall, more than 15 metres high, which is built in a way that allows the replication of famous rocks, thereby reproducing specific climbs. This is a team sport and solidarity is one of the values advocated by California ‘yuccies'—young urban creatives.

Once you are trained here, you can go for the real thing at Joshua Tree, Indian Rock, or Castle Rock. Rock climbing is a sport that you will love to practice, as it forges impressive muscle firmness. In addition, it is inseparable from the practice of yoga for flexibility and balance.

Mission Cliffs
2295 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

+1 415 550 0515