Millefoglie, veggie food in the city

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Millefoglie, veggie food in the city

Serenity and culinary pleasures hide behind this restaurant of thousand temptations!

Located in the heart of the historic centre, the discreet sign of this place barely stands out from the "local-colour" façade. Passing the doorway, you are looking on white walls, tables and open-plan kitchen with no frills. The sobriety of the Sicilian decor might seem unrelated but what really matters is your plateful, for Millefoglie plays masterfully the vegetarian and vegan cards. Only open for lunch, the restaurant will treat you to recipes extremely close to local tradition, sometimes with a hint of fusion: pasta with broad beans, asparagus, zucchini and mint, or pancakes with lime-marinated vegetables, eggplant cream, fennel soup, chard and goat cheese pie…
These healthy, exquisite dishes are guaranteed to enchant you in all simplicity. As a side note, prices are so reasonable that you will not be able to resist trying the dessert: a divine chocolate pear cake, wearing a cherry as a crown.

Via Sant'Orsola, 12
95131 Catania

+39 331 250 5331

Menu: around 13 EUR