Michel Sarran: the gastronomic exception

Michel Sarran: the gastronomic exception

Top-flight cuisine in a family place.

Indulge yourself by booking a table with this extraordinary chef, who arrived in Toulouse in 1995 and has left his mark. At Michel Sarran, dining is not taken lightly. ‘We are merchants of pleasure', announces the two-starred chef proudly. Everything breathes the art of living and generosity in this restaurant, with its tasteful and warm decoration. In the kitchen, the spirit of ‘home' dominates the dishes: recipes combine modernity and traditions, a remarkable union that will surprise your taste buds. A delicious red mullet, cooked in cabbage and ginger, will delight seafood lovers, whereas carnivores may choose beef from the Aubrac region, with carrots and fried rice. If you have a sweet tooth, the desserts make the aromas sing: flower of salt melting biscuits, hazelnut ice cream with candied orange peels or crispy meringue with verbena sugar rice crispies. An invitation to pleasure that you should not resist.

Michel Sarran
21 Boulevard Armand Duportal
31000 Toulouse

+33 (0)5 61 12 32 32


Menu: around 55 EUR