Memento Park: the Statue Park of the Soviet period

Memento Park: the Statue Park of the Soviet period

This statue cemetery gathers a sample of the monuments that previously adorned the streets and squares of the country, to the glory of communism.

The pair of bronze boots standing on a pedestal is unusual in this remote corner of Budapest. This is a replica of Stalin's shoes whose statue was toppled on October 23, 1956 during the uprising against the Russians. The crowd cut the bronze (and iron) man to pieces in a few short hours. Only the boots remained before disappearing in turn. Placed before this outdoor museum, they symbolise the defeat of the dictatorship.

The statues of the park include monuments that were erected to the glory of workers and personalities of the Soviet era, but it's advisable to take a guide to fully understand everything. Projections of black and white films showing the training of (real) agents and indicators of the former Hungarian secret police may be seen in the screening room. You will learn how to search a house from top to bottom without disturbing anything and how to use a camera hidden in a handbag. After this visit, you will never watch a spy film the same way again.

Memento Park
Balatoni út – Szabadkai utca sarok
1223 Budapest

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