Mei Mei: tasty fusion

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Mei Mei: tasty fusion

From Little Italy to Chinatown, Boston reveals a mixed palate and a range of surprising flavours. With Mei Mei, American and Chinese culinary art combine for a contemporary result.

Mei Mei is run by a Chinese-American brother and sister. This double culture plunges the restaurant headlong into a hotpot of gastronomy. In 2012, they ran a food truck, showcasing local New England produce. Unanimously acclaimed, the young chefs decided to open a restaurant, keeping to the principles of fresh ingredients and flash preparation. Their creative half-Chinese, half-American cuisine has been a roaring success with Boston food connoisseurs since 2013. The restaurant sparkles with bright yellow chairs and the menu sparkles too, with hybrid delights like three sisters dumplings (Chinese ravioli stuffed with beans, corn and black pepper jelly), a curry of sweet potatoes and a porco rosso (pulled pork, shiitake mushrooms and cranberry).

Mei Mei
506 Park Dr
Boston, MA 02215

+1 857 250 4959

Menu: around 14 USD