Meeting the Maasai people

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Meeting the Maasai people

Immerse yourself in a Maasai village for an invaluable encounter based on sharing.

The Maasai country spreads between the Kenya and Kilimanjaro mountains, by the Maasai Mara booking, famous for the density of its animal population. The Maasai live between these two geographical symbols. Out of respect for this nomadic people who have been able to maintain their traditions, we strongly urge you to favour ecotourism. The Maasai Mara Village champions the concept: part of the dividends from the visits (KES 7,000 per day, including guide, meals and activities) goes to the SEMADEP Community Development Foundation that actively supports the Maasai community.
Small groups of 2 to 10 visitors are allowed in the village at a time. As you open up to the inhabitants' lifestyles and customs, you will make your way from enkang to enkang, those typical oval-shaped houses made of the village's mud and branches. Wait no longer and meet this wonderful people of dignified and warm farmers, wearing their famed chequered gowns, as they always happily and wilfully welcome their guests.

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