Meet the panda at the Shanghai zoo

Meet the panda at the Shanghai zoo

Visit one of the finest zoos in China in one of Shanghai's most forested neighbourhoods.

Allow an entire day to fully enjoy the place, one of the largest green spaces in the city. This park zoo, former racecourse, and golf course is spread over 74 hectares. Lose yourself and safely discover many species. Considered one of the best in China with its large enclosures, the zoo is home to over 600 rare animals, including the famous giant panda with its black and white fur, the debonair tutelary animal of China, and a native of Sichuan.

A large crowd comes here every day to see one or more of the 10 pandas (a lucky number!) that live in the reserved enclosure. This highly wooded park is also home to other endangered animals, such as the South China tiger, Formosan rock monkeys, and monk cranes. In an effort to promote conservation, the zoo participates in anti bear poaching campaigns.

Shanghai Zoo
2381, Hongqiao Road
Changning District

+86 (0)21 6268 7775