Meandering around Mediterranean Romanticism on Castle Hill

Meandering around Mediterranean Romanticism on Castle Hill

The thousand-year-old birthplace of the city of Nice, the 'cradle of the sun' itself, according to the Niçois, the legendary castle hill overlooks the old-town neighbourhood like a floating island.

Narrow alleys and multiple stairways with worn steps punctuate the ascent to the site.

Here, nature and human vestiges have combined over the centuries to create a romantic tableau with Provençal tones. Emotions are intense as one ambles about here, leaving the impression of having travelled through the setting of a tale. Here and there the undergrowth is open to the breeze, caressing the face, revealing the most beautiful landscapes of Nice. However, the highlight of the place is the waterfall where the waters of the Vésubie pour down, like a curtain, their show never ceasing to provide pleasure. The panoramic viewpoint from the Bellanda Tower will offer you a vista that embraces all the shades of blue of the bay's arc throughout the day. The contrast between the play of the roofs of Nice and the extent of the impassively peaceful sea is striking.

On a windy day, if you hold on to the balcony rail and let yourself be carried away by the breeze, you might sense yourself on the deck of an ocean liner heading out to sea.

La colline du château (Castle Hill)
Quartier du Vieux-Nice
06300 Nice