Mè Cumpari Turiddu, an ode to eco-responsible gastronomy

Mè Cumpari Turiddu, an ode to eco-responsible gastronomy

A take-away snack, a delicate breakfast, or a refined dinner in the city centre: your call, the delicious menus of this place being all about “alternative consumption” practices.

Enter the world of Mè Cumpari Turiddu: an atypical place functioning as a grocery, pub and restaurant, with a huge kitchen taking centre stage. Feel welcome in this cordial Sicilian house with baroque chandeliers and tables dressed in white (for a dinner at the restaurant) or with lace (for a breakfast in the pub)…
The philosophy behind Mè Cumpari Turiddu is based on the guidelines of the "Slow Food" movement - which consists, mostly, in collaborating directly with small-scale local producers without any intermediary, and selecting only natural and organic products. This quality standard makes its way onto the plates: fresh fish, cold meats, Sicilian cheese, vegetables… Updated daily, the menu holds a culinary surprise for you, every day, under the benevolent gaze of the reserved yet considerate manageress of the place, Roberta.

Mè Cumpari Turiddu
Piazza Turi Ferro, 36-38
95131 Catania

+39 095 715 0142


Menu: around 24 EUR