Marseilles History Museum

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Marseilles History Museum

One of the largest history museums in Europe.

In a 15,500-square-metre space a few steps from the Old Port, the collections of the Museum of History reflect the intensely rich past of Marseilles.

Completely renovated, the new architecture recreates an intimate connection between the city, the museum and the archaeological site. In its numerous exhibition halls, visitors can travel through 2,600 years of history. The museum's curators work from the idea that not only is Marseilles the oldest city in France, but it is also an open seaport on the Mediterranean Sea. They set out from this idea to cover everything from the city's earliest settlements to its most contemporary urban developments.

Multimedia devices provide seductive interfaces: smartphones and tablets help visitors discover certain sites and monuments of the city as they were in ancient times, the Middle Ages, and so on. For younger visitors, exhibition modules are designed to be both pedagogical and fun.

Musée d'histoire De Marseille
Rue Henri Barbusse

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