Manufactum: the king of cool stuff

Manufactum: the king of cool stuff

A store that brings together an ultra-precise selection of objects with stories to them.

Is Manufactum actually anti-consumerist, Perhaps. By buying an object in one of these German chain's stores, it may well last you for life, or thereabouts. Everything here contradicts mass production of doubtful quality. Manufactum is reintroducing the expertise of manufacturers by delivering products with high added value, made in reliable and sustainable materials.

Their catalogue of classics is wide-ranging: a Mariposa chair; R.M. Williams Australian leather boots; Heidelberg Kaweco pens; mohair blankets; a gorgeous, to-die-for axe; indestructible rain boots; hand creams; or a paper that makes you want to toss your smartphone in the bin and pen a letter on the spot.

A bit of nostalgia often escapes these forgotten or little used objects like the smell of an Eau de Cologne reminiscent of the cheeks of a beloved grandfather.

Manufactum Warenhaus im Disch-Haus Köln
Brückenstrasse 23
50 667 Cologne

+49 (0) 230 99 39 095