Mansion Vitraux Hotel, for contemporary design lovers

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Mansion Vitraux Hotel, for contemporary design lovers

Nestled on a cobbled street in San Telmo, the Mansion Vitraux, a small and trendy boutique hotel, is located in a former antique shop.

This boutique hotel features contemporary design with its grey slate facade, small hall with bright red walls and glass panels, and caramel-coloured leather sofas and lighting that reflects the colours of the Shiraz (Syrah) wine bottles lined up behind the bar.

Video clips are projected amidst the chandeliers and antiques, which gives a special atmosphere to the place. Upon arrival, expect to be greeted with a glass of Argentine chardonnay from San Juan, on the house.

The decor of the 12 rooms reflects the latest trends: dark plum-coloured walls, mint green and jet black, silky velvet sofas and four-poster beds. The roof terrace has a pool with jet streams around which elegant chairs are arranged.

Mansion Vitraux Hotel
Carlos Calvo 369
San Telmo
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 43 00 68 86

Rooms: from 2,790 ARS