Manko: Peru to Paris

Manko: Peru to Paris

In a mythic location in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the Manko opens in the former Drouot auction house.

Part of Moma Group, Manko is named after the legendary Incan, Manco Capac, son of the Sun God, founder of the Incan people, and an important symbol for the Peruvian community.

In this unique and traditional setting, top chef Gaston Acurio offers a sumptuous culinary journey, reinventing the subtleties of Peruvian dishes. The Peruvian bohemian experience is enhanced by a Parisian chic decor, in the gilding and nobility of the materials.

On the menu, opt for the Classico—wild sea bass ceviche with red onion, cilantro, corn and tiger leche. Or try the mouth-watering Criollo, with wild sea bream, scallions, tiger leche and yellow chili. A cocktail bar and cabaret will complete your evening journey into Incan lands.

15 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

+33 (0)1 82 28 00 15

Menu: around 60 EUR