Mangai: understanding the flavours of the hinterland

Mangai: understanding the flavours of the hinterland

To discover the flavours of north eastern Brazil, the ideal summer address turns out to be the very exotic buffet restaurant Mangai. Here, it's cuisine by weight.

AA specialist in the Nordeste cuisine of Brazil, Mangai can accommodate up to 900 guests, necessarily making it a lively and cheerful place, buzzing with conversation. Everyone serves him or herself from the buffet and pays by weight. Descriptions written in English guide novices, so perhaps you will be tempted by the carne de sol (dried beef) with cream, a delicious leg of lamb with rosemary, grilled shrimp, and freshly baked bread. You can dine on the terrace, with stunning views of Lago Sul, its opulent villas, the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, and Lake Paranoá. Or, if your Brazilian feast obliges you to, grab a spot in one of the colourful hammocks swaying in the breeze. Despite the size of the buffet (180 dishes), you'll want to go for seconds (corned beef with cream, cassava purée with farmers cheese), and might not be able to resist the delicious desserts—all the while casting an eye on the vintage Jeep parked right in the middle of the room…

Sces Trecho 2 Conjunto 26
Asa Sul
Brasília 70200-002

+55 (0)61 3252 0156

Menu: around 170 BRL