Mama's for brunch: you won't regret it

Mama's for brunch: you won't regret it

Regulars wait hours in line for the pleasure of devouring an omelette, some pancakes, or French toast.

At the corner of Washington Square, in addition to its green blinds, how will you recognize Mama's? Its legendary line will tip you off. A total of three generations of the Sanchez family has gotten up at dawn to prepare breakfast. The speciality of the house? The omelettes, which are available in ten variations, and the eggs Benedict, which come in almost as many.

You will have your dose of protein and lipids, too, as you will not be able to resist the delicious fried potatoes. You can also opt for a Caesar salad, or enjoy the delicious pancakes of the house, unless you prefer French toast or carrot cake. Each dessert is a cruel incentive to gluttony that you won't be able to resist especially when you see your fellow diners' eyes shining with pleasure.

1071 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

+1 415 362 6421

Menu: around 15 USD