Malconi's: Mediterranean ‘nouvelle cuisine'

Malconi's: Mediterranean ‘nouvelle cuisine'

Get away from predictable standards: Ioannis Kosmadakis reworks the classics of the deep blue sea's shores a gourmet journey Odysseus would have followed.

In Athens, everyone knows Malconi's. The tradition involves getting together at different times of day and night. You go there for a morning coffee, return for dinner, make an appointment with friends for a drink, and go there as a family for brunch on Sunday.

It specialises in Mediterranean cuisine with a slight inclination towards that of Italy. And the chef Ioannis Kosmadakis combines these to create inventive and always successful dishes.

Try any of these surprising combinations: ravioli stuffed with crab alongside lemongrass shrimp bisque, risotto with gorgonzola and Mango, chicken with yogurt sauce and avocado cucumber salad. For dessert, try the chocolate popcorn tiramisu. If there is anything more deliciously regressive and addictive, we don't know what it might be.

Ploutarchou 23
106 75 Athens

+30 210 724 8920

Menu: around 30 EUR