Madova: a style that fits you like a glove

Madova: a style that fits you like a glove

This unassuming little shop does not look like it hides great treasures and a long history, but the Donnini family has been making gloves since 1919.

Having spent hours scrutinising the fabulous windows of the jewellers shops on the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence and the only one not bombed during the Second World War, leave the Uffizi behind and head to the main street. There, you will come face to face with the shop of the Donnini family, glove makers from father to son since 1919.

Trained in the art of tanning and leather processing, which Florence has been famous for since the Middle Ages, they are the only ones to make and sell leather gloves in the traditional way. The shop looks right out of the1950s - it opened in 1954 - and experienced vendors measure and talc your hand before each fitting. This is the perfect place to find unique models, such as driving gloves in leather and cotton, in beautiful colours and at affordable prices.

Via de Guicciardini 1r
50125 Firenze

+39 055 239 6526