MAAT: when the sea harks back to the land

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MAAT: when the sea harks back to the land

With its modern design and wavy roofing reminiscent of an UFO, the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology welcomes you in the Belém district.

On the banks of the Tagus River, the former power plant built in 1909 has become Lisbon's Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in October 2016, offering 38,000 sqm of exhibition areas and art storerooms, as well as a restaurant. Conceived by British architect Amanda Levete's studio, a futuristic wing has been added to the existing building and adorns the facades with white ceramic tiles. This organic architecture tends to restore the historical link between swaying pieces of land along the river and the sea, reflecting on the gallery's floor. For a new perspective onto the river, you can tread upon the museum's roof or take a walk in this contemporary building's adjacent park. In addition to the permanent collection on science and electricity, temporary exhibitions take an interest in various technological innovations, the revolution brought by electrical lighting being one. It also offers art collections from around the world.

Avenida Brasília
1300-598 Lisboa

+351 21 002 8130