Maaemo: modernity at the source

Maaemo: modernity at the source

More than a restaurant, a life concept with clean lines and impeccable cuisine.

A building of glass and light, facing the sea with its beautiful bay windows several metres high, the place surprises from the outset. The view of Oslo is spectacular, especially at night. The cuisine of Maaemo is a return to basics. There is no artifice here; the whole of Norway comes in dishes prepared with great care by the head of this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Wild fish and berries from the Scandinavian forests, seaweed butter of the North Sea the ingredients will give you a glimpse of what is done best in the country. Nothing is left to chance and the dishes, carefully conceived by the team, are almost cooked before your eyes.

Due to the short warm season in Norway, throughout the winter the restaurant's chefs offer infusion cuisine to preserve all the flavours and nutritional benefits. Dinner here is an intricate, visually stimulating and highly original taste experience. Closed for lunch.

Schweigaardsgate 15B
0191 Oslo

+47 919 94 805

Menu: around 2,125 NOK