Lyon Botanical Garden

Lyon Botanical Garden

A paradise for lovers of botany, this garden is an invitation to travel the world and discover its floral splendour.

Part of the Tête d'Or Park, this garden extends over eight hectares. The extraordinary richness of its collections makes it one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe. It lists 15,000 plant species, while its 6,500 square metres of green houses preserve 6,000 rare plant varieties from around the world.

During your walk, you can admire both the most common and the most exotic species while being as equally seduced by the French gardens as you are by the greenhouses, with their carnivorous and aquatic plants. Pride of place is reserved for the international rose garden, which has over 30,000 roses from 350 different varieties.

Later, cool off in the shade of the woods, explore the small winter and bamboo gardens, and discover some original tree varieties, such as the Virginia tulip tree, and the Ginkgo, also known as the tree of 40 crowns…

To share the beauty and help you discover the splendour, guided tours are offered, free.

  1. Jardin Botanique
  2. 69006 Lyon

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