Lose yourself in the khlongs

Lose yourself in the khlongs

Along its many canals and waterways, discover a truly authentic side of Bangkok.

Bangkok is often called the 'Oriental Venice' because of its famous khlongs (canals) that still irrigate much of the east side of the city. Cruises on long-tail boats are popular with tourists but remain above all a unique opportunity to discover the face of an aquatic and peaceful town, with old houses on stilts, decrepit colonial villas, children splashing in the water, tortoises, birds, and lizards among the vines and tropical trees.

The piers at Tha Chang and Tha Tien are the best serviced. Most tours last an hour, but don't hesitate to take an extended trip to the orchid farms and stilt gardens of Khlong Yai. Some boatmen will take you even farther up to the outskirts of the Thonburi district and the beautiful rural countryside of Prakred.

Tha Tian Express Boat Pier
Maha Rat Road
Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang
Phra Nakhon