Little Havana: the Cuban neighbourhood

Little Havana: the Cuban neighbourhood

This is the first area Cuban immigrants came to in Miami, and it's where they have kept their traditions. Before, perhaps, returning home one day...

The heart of Cuban Miami is in a neighbourhood called “Little Havana”. This area, around 8th Street, “Calle Ocho”, is where the first immigrants fleeing the Castro regime settled down. Admire the folk-art frescoes illustrating the street's walls.

To really put yourself in a Cuban mood, buy a traditional shirt in white linen, the guayabera, which is ideal for hot weather. The weekend is when the neighbourhood really comes alive. Imitate Cubans sipping espressos, ahem, “cafes cubanos”, in small paper cups, and taste delicious cakes drowning in sugar.

Several good restaurants on Calle Ocho offer traditional cuisine, especially the best known, Versailles. Do not miss the Brigade 2506 Memorial: erected in homage to the several hundred Cubans who went back to try to overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961, this monument still arouses emotion, as many were killed, while others were imprisoned.

Restaurant Versailles
3555 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33135

+1 305 444 0240