Literary visit to the bohemian neighbourhood of Istanbul

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Literary visit to the bohemian neighbourhood of Istanbul

Stroll through the colourful streets of Cihangir, where antique dealers, artists, and writers hang out, and stop in at Orhan Pamuk's incredible Museum of Innocence.

This amazing space in the Çukurcuma neighbourhood of the Beyoğlu district is a must. Turkey's most famous contemporary writer, Orhan Pamuk, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize, envisioned this highly original space based on his novel of the same name: each display contains everyday items referring to a different chapter of the book, which takes in the years 1950-1970 in Istanbul, and tells the story Kemal, a well-off Istanbulite, who falls in love with his impoverished cousin. The museum displays the artefacts of their love story.

After this literary parenthesis, explore the antique shops on Çukurcuma Street. The picturesque, pedestrian street is filled with nice cafés, designer shops, and fashion boutiques. Try and wander around aimlessly to better enjoy the surroundings and remember that the Bosphorus is never far away.

Museum of Innocence
Çukurcuma Caddesi, Dalgiç Çikmazi, 2
34425 Beyoğlu

+90 212 252 97 38