Listen to the song of the whales

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Listen to the song of the whales

The chance to observe orcas and other whales is an appointment not to be missed.

Cetaceans are quite fond of Vancouver's waters. It is sometimes possible to see these large mammals swim, jump, or blow right along the coast.

Observing them is particularly suitable between March and October, when they cross the Pacific on their Great Migration. Get a little closer with an organised tour, which takes you offshore to see grey, humpback, and minke whales, as well as porpoises, dolphins, and seabirds. Do not forget your binoculars to observe a back, a tail, a fin… Once an animal is in sight, the boat moves in for a closer view, but within a reasonable distance.

You can also enjoy the coastal landscape and mountains in the background, which are simply fabulous. The tours usually start from downtown Vancouver or the nearby village of Steveston, located at the mouth of the Fraser River in Richmond, as well as from Victoria on Vancouver Island. Most offer a ‘whale sighting guarantee', i.e. if, by some chance, you see nothing on your outing, they offer another free tour.

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