Liberté Grand Café: design and good humour

Liberté Grand Café: design and good humour

A newcomer, this diner brings a fresh look to Budapest decoration, along with innovative dishes.

The Liberté asserts a New York taste for black and white tiles, retro style benches and wooden furniture from the 50s. This new address goes against the grain with its contemporary lines, distinguishing itself even more by the smiles of its servers—too often absent from faces around the city.

Shod in local Cipő Tisza sneakers, here they come alive around Gábor Krausz' dishes, who was until recently, at the helm of the famous ZONA restaurant in Buda (a sister establishment). His time cooking at Tom's Kitchen and Koffmann's in London has certainly made him want to explore an international menu that emphasises local, seasonal products (salmon steak with chimichurri, Moroccan meatballs, quinoa salad, etc.). Like the name suggests, Liberté Grand Café, is also a café where you can spend time reading the newspaper or playing chess.

Liberté Grand Café
Aulich utca 8
1054 Budapest

+36 30 715 4635

Menu: around 5,710 HUF