Les Loges

Les Loges

Gastronomy combining luxury, calm, and sensual delight.

It was logical that this Renaissance palace should have a restaurant, and as soon as it did, it was crowned with a star. The cuisine of young chef Anthony Bonnet is at the exalted heights of the establishment. Imagine a marble-paved courtyard lined with three floors of balconies and galleries, and, as a ceiling, a contemporary glass canopy.

In this idyllic setting, the menu luxuriates around the most noble products, worked with seasonings and the most delectable accompaniments there are: black truffles; soubise cream and sweetbreads braised in pithiviers; wild Mediterranean shrimp with lemon confit and Timut berries; Chevalier confit salmon-trout fillet with ground, roasted cocoa beans and creamy porcini mushrooms; or Beaujolais pears baked and served with spicy caramel and a compote of wild fennel and anise…

Each dish becomes a lasting memory!

  1. Les Loges
  2. 6 rue du Bœuf
  3. 69005 Lyon

+33 (0)4 72 77 44 44


Menu: around 85 EUR