Learn about Thai cuisine in a palace hotel

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Learn about Thai cuisine in a palace hotel

Taste the magical dishes of Thailand in its great restaurants, and then learn to make them yourself in the famous Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Although Thai cooking lessons are multiplying all over the city, the courses at this famous palace hotel remain by far the best. You won't waste time market shopping all your time is concentrated on the essential: hands-on training with a perfectly bilingual chef and his very attentive staff.

During the 9:00 am to 1:00 pm class, students learn four high-flying dishes (red curry duck, fried mackerel with tamarind, etc.) with demonstrations, explanations, valuable advice, and majestic tastings. Rates are higher than elsewhere, but the enchanting setting (a restored wooden house) makes it more than worth the price, not to mention the exceptional products, a menu that changes daily (check them online to choose your favourite dishes), the small size of groups, and the exemplary professionalism of the chef…

Mandarin Oriental
48 Oriental Avenue
Bang Rak

+66 (0)2 659 9000