Learn about Chinese cuisine by making jiaozi

chinese cuisine
Learn about Chinese cuisine by making jiaozi

Far from the clichés dishes served by Chinese restaurants in the West, the Chinese culinary tradition is revealed to be rich and varied.

Contrary to popular belief, rice is far from being the favourite food of Beijingers. Instead, it is jiaozi, which they have favoured for centuries. Composed of dough stuffed with a mixture of minced meat and vegetables, and heightened with spices, jiaozi represents their cultural heritage, and making them is a delicate exercise.

Take a cooking class and admire the dexterity Beijingers have developed in making this dumpling, which is, at New Year's, what the bûche is to the French at Christmas time.

Since childhood, women have practised the art of jiaozi, chatting while preparing a meal together. The Chinese share a passion for food. Sitting down to eat at home remains both a ritual and a moment of intense pleasure.

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