Le Sistrot: Brittany's first cider bar

Le Sistrot: Brittany's first cider bar

Le Sistrot in Quimper is faithful to Breton terroir, and introduces guests to cidrology.

Brittany's first cider bar was founded by two Breton brothers, passionate about cuisine and their land, and, for a time, expatriates in Montreal. When they returned home, they decided to start a restaurant-bar dedicated to the most Breton of all beverages, cider. And thus, overlooking the water on Boulevard Amiral de Kerguélen in Quimper, was born Le Sistrot, contraction of the words sistr (Breton for cider) and bistrot. Set up with the bar in focus, where a wide selection of craft and farm ciders are displayed. There are classic and more original ciders, pear cider, mead, and lambic. The brothers also import the fire and ice ciders from the Eastern Townships of Quebec. To accompany these beautiful beverages, the establishment offers market cuisine for lunch and a small selection of dishes for dinner.

Le Sistrot
53 boulevard Amiral de Kerguélen
29000 Quimper

+33 (0)2 98 10 73 46


Menu: around 22 EUR