Le Quatrième Mur, the curtain rises on spectacular cuisine

Le Quatrième Mur, the curtain rises on spectacular cuisine

‘Imagine a great wall that separates you from the pit at the edge of the theatre; play as if the curtain did not rise', wrote Denis Diderot.

Basque chef Philippe Etchebest opened the doors of his brasserie in the National Opera in September of 2015, creating an event in the historic heart of Bordeaux. In the sumptuous setting of a Bordeaux heritage landmark, this chic and contemporary restaurant, with affordable prices, represents all on its own the excellence of the French art of living, where the fine exists alongside the good. The chef, who won two stars at another institution, is highly popular thanks to an exceptional career and the media recognition he has won through different culinary television programmes. Faithful to the values ​​of sharing and generosity, he offers his fans, who come in great numbers to test his talents, uninhibited cooking that leaves the best place to taste. The mushroom ravioli, stir-fried duck foie gras filet, creamy mushroom soup and sautéed quail filets, black Bigorre veil with spelt risotto and poultry dressing illustrate the geographical anchor of the chef, who takes regional seasonal products to new heights. Now it is your turn to choose between the fancy brasserie or the starred table d'hôte.

Le Quatrième Mur
2 place de la Comédie
33000 Bordeaux

+33 (0)5 56 02 49 70


Menus: lunch 34 EUR, diner 51 EUR