french-african-creole restaurant

The new not-to-be-missed island address with multicultural inspirations.

Located in Bourg-Murat at the Plaine-des-Cafres, the restaurant QG (French abbreviation for ‘headquarters') has established itself as a reference in the culinary, gourmet landscape of Réunion.

This authentic restaurant with a cosy ambience combines local products, both French and African cuisine and puts taste first, all “homemade” on-site. Sadji Abdou, the Senegalese owner, cultivates a mix of genres and cultures, and welcomes you to his traditional wood-fired Creole cuisine restaurant, where friendliness and good humour reign.

With him, you will delight in an infinity of different flavours such as ‘curried pig's foot', rougail (hot chutney), Massa chicken or a nice piece of beef from Galicia. This is a table for hearty appetites, a world tour that will give you flights of fancy.

60 bis, rue Alfred-Picard
97418 La Plaine-des-Cafres

+262 (0)6 92 48 22 80

Menu: around 12 EUR