Le Potager des Halles, good local cuisine

market cuisine
Le Potager des Halles, good local cuisine

Creative cuisine that reinterprets traditional regional dishes with seasonal produce.

When you get to Le Potager des Halles, your neighbours will be truly exemplary, as its glass facade has a breathtaking view of the Fresco of the People of Lyon (Fresque des Lyonnais). This mural honours outstanding personalities who have marked Lyon's history, like Saint Exupéry, the Lumière brothers, Paul Bocuse, Bertrand Tavernier, etc...

Inside the restaurant, you will feel right at home. A former alumnus of the Bocuse brasseries, Franck Delhoum, practices a cuisine that reworks traditional dishes with market produce. There is a recognisable freshness in the dishes when you sample the salmon and chorizo papilotte with mixed vegetables and preserved lemon, or the duck breast with honey and spices, and Jerusalem artichoke purée with vanilla. These dishes are available on the seasonal lunchtime menu.

In the evening you can choose between the All Vegetable and the Omnivore Menu, which will satisfy both your meat and vegetable cravings. For a moment of simple conviviality, you can also opt for the Bistrot du Potager, just next door, and share a dish and a glass of wine.

Le Potager des Halles
3 rue de la Martinière
69001 Lyon

+33 (0)4 72 00 24 84


Menu: around 28 EUR