Le Petit Bois and l'Autre Petit Bois, welcoming and unusual

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Le Petit Bois and l'Autre Petit Bois, welcoming and unusual

Drink under a tree to see the world upside down and vainly try to rebuild it around a glass of wine.

On a downtown street or on Parliament Square, wine lovers and wine professionals alike meet in these friendly bars, which are also simple bistro-style restaurants that are not far from one another. The atmosphere is cosy, intimate, and deliberately romantic, with alcoves reminiscent of a magical grove setting. There is a fine wine list offering wines from around the world to sample in this otherworldly, chic baroque setting with Louis XVI armchairs and tables, as well as charcuterie and cheese plates, casseroles, salads, hot sandwiches and pastries, all at reasonable prices. If you have already eaten, or are not very hungry, for each drink order above 4 EUR or a bottle of wine starting at 20 EUR (to be enjoyed in moderation), you will be automatically served a plate of salty/or sweet snacks for 5 EUR, as it is a requirement in France to eat something while sipping a glass of wine.

Le Petit Bois
18 rue du Chai des Farines
33000 Bordeaux


+33 (0)5 56 79 06 46

Menu: around 20 EUR