Le Paris Cayenne: a landmark brasserie

Le Paris Cayenne: a landmark brasserie

In an old colonial house, exotic woods and a beautiful light create the friendly atmosphere of the best restaurant in Cayenne.

For more than 35 years, it has topped the lists of gourmet guides to the Guianese capital. Known for its Parisian bistro menu and cocktail bar—a cosy setting for festive gatherings—the kitchen attracts dynamic young talent, who learn to flourish here. You'll love this simple yet inventive cuisine, which showcases the diversity and quality of local produce: spicy vegetable dishes, a good selection of wild fish, and absolutely exquisite rum-flambéed shrimp.
Classics French dishes – zebu hump in red fruit sauce, veal sweetbreads with morels, veal kidneys with parsley, gribiche calf's head, boneless pig's feet and old fashioned tripes with vegetables – are accompanied by side dishes of cassava cake, rice pilaf, Iracoubo couac (made from manioc flour), and mashed sweet potatoes. Vegetarians would not want to miss the famous morels in cream. The wine list is extensive, with a wide selection of great vintages from the world's finest wineries.

Le Paris Cayenne
59, rue Lallouette
Cayenne 97300

+594 (0)5 94 31 76 17


Menu: from 35 EUR