Andringitra National Park

Andringitra National Park

With sumptuous landscapes punctuated with massifs of granite, Andringitra National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A miraculous refuge for plants and animals, Andringitra is best known for its hiking trails, climbing walls, and rocky landscapes. You can choose between several routes, each with specific characteristics and different levels of difficulty.

On the Isahavato route, a 15-kilometre loop, you can discover a natural pool and admire the most beautiful sunsets, while the Imarivolanitra route (28 kilometres long, a two-day hike) lets you climb to the highest peak on the big island, Pic Boby. The Imaitso circuit (14 kilometres) offers you the opportunity to cross a primary forest and to observe rare birds, while the Diavolana route (13 kilometres) takes you to the middle of lunar-like landscapes and fields of wildflowers. As for the Asaramanitra route, the shortest at six kilometres, it gives you the view of the massif of Andringitra and its twin waterfalls.

After a few hours of walking you can reach the neighbouring valley of Tsaranoro, which is world famous for climbers and adventurous souls. There, you will come across authentic landscapes and villages with deep-red earthen houses whose inhabitants will welcome you warmly.

Andringitra National Park
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