Le Méditerranéen: no fish is left out

Le Méditerranéen: no fish is left out

Famous around Oranese people, the menu offers fish in a brasserie style.

On the menu, you will find lobster Thermidor, ray with beurre noir or mussels with cream. These dishes are part of the French brasserie culture, but it is possible you may be tempted, under Oran's blue sky, by a paella valenciana – Spain is not that far away – or by a local specialty like salt-baked or couscous grouper. That fish, plentiful on this side of the Mediterranean, is the star of the restaurant alongside gilthead bream, sole and whiting. They are always perfectly cooked and prepared. Remember to book a table on the terrace so as to enjoy the swimming pool afterwards.

Le Méditerranéen
Avenue Mohamed Fertas
Haï Es-Sédikia
31000 Oran

+213 05 60 00 41 00


Menu: around 3,000 DZD