Le Mas de la Colline and art de vivre

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Le Mas de la Colline and art de vivre

In the green suburbs of the capital, Le Mas de la Colline is dedicated to the art of living. A provincial restaurant (37 kilometres from Moscow) that enriches French gastronomy.

An hour from downtown Moscow, in the affluent neighbourhood of Roubloska, where dachas spread into the forest, this place is unique. There is the ambience of living rooms outfitted with Louis XV furniture. This is Le Mas de la Colline, run by the undisputed tsar of Moscow's chefs, Frenchman Jerome Coustillas. After cutting his teeth in Michelin-starred establishments around France, Coustillas went abroad before arriving in Moscow. He spent five years at Le Duc before opening La Marée.

Here, he gives pride of place to local ingredients like pigeons, scallops, oysters, crustaceans, mushrooms, game… On white Sarreguemines plates, he serves Stalin's crabs, refined updates of Russian delicacies like borscht and sour cream moelleux with salad or the fun Fabergé egg with lemongrass and coconut milk. This Krug ambassador leaves nothing to chance, cultivating a lifestyle as delicate as the Henryot & Co. armchairs and the Gien porcelain. Like we said, unique.

Le Mas de la Colline
Rechnaya ul., 1
Gorki 2, Bolshoie Sareevo
Podmoskovie 143033

+7 495 635 55 77


Menu: around 5,000 RUB