Le Kildara: a country inn with rustic-yet-refined cuisine

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Le Kildara: a country inn with rustic-yet-refined cuisine

A cuisine that maintains body and soul.

Seen from the street, this restaurant does not look like much and might even give the impression of a roadside diner. Do not be fooled by appearances. Come in. Exposed beams, leather armchairs. Oddly enough, it feels something like an Irish pub. And that's normal, as the owner is originally from Dublin. Like many Anglophones, he settled in the region, took over this restaurant and adopted its regional cuisine.

The foie gras is homemade. The prime rib is generous, worthy of a rugby team. The menu varies each day depending on the market and the season, and it offers its bistro classics - like the duck heart salad, beef tartar and homemade fries, or the pork filet mignon with honey and smashed potatoes - and plays a few gastronomic variations, such as the seabass filet. It also makes some inroads into the other side of the Pyrenees with Iberian charcuterie, which nevertheless does not overshadow the black pig of Bigorre. In the summer, in the flowered garden under the plane trees, enjoy a good glass of red wine from the region and in winter, of course, an old Irish whiskey is just the thing.

Le Kildara
112 route d'Aubertin
64230 Artiguelouve
+33 (0)5 59 83 00 12


Lunch menu around 15 EUR, dinner menu around 30 EUR