Le Grillados: an address for insiders

hot tip - off the record
Le Grillados: an address for insiders

Nicknamed 'Chicago', Cayenne's Chinatown district is constantly bustling with life. For lunch, make sure you venture to Le Grillados, one of the best addresses in town.

The address, kept fairly confidential, is frequented by local entrepreneurs, and city officials who like to have business lunches here because of the great food and very friendly atmosphere. Rustic and functional, a wooden terrace always crowded at lunchtime juts out over the canal.

The menu highlights family and generous recipes. Full of flavours, aromas and spices, they are based on seasonal products and the catch of the day. Regulars claim this is the spot for the best Creole cuisine. Among the most irresistible dishes are the pork Colombo, fish in chili peppers and the famous nassi, a sweet and savoury rice with cucumber and ginger served with chicken fricassee. Alternately, you may try some calalou, a very spicy dish cooked with vegetables, pork, shrimp, spinach and tomato, and served with fried bananas and rice. Finally, do not miss the essential coconut and peanut homemade ice creams for dessert.

Le Grillados
10 rue Henri Quintrie
97300 Cayenne

+594 (0)5 94 30 96 01


Menu: from 15 EUR