Le Goeland: serenity at the water's edge

Le Goeland: serenity at the water's edge

A long stretch of gorgeous lawn runs the length of the water, trim and manicured as a putting green...

The 34 simple and unaffected rooms are stylishly and colourfully decorated with good taste, each with a view over the Bay of Porto-Vecchio or the lovely garden giving right on to the sea.

The hotel has a very friendly and familial atmosphere; children are very welcome, even if the facilities are less suitable for toddlers.

The Goeland restaurant has something for everyone, with fresh, refined starters and creamy risottos, but also Corsican meats and fish from Bonifacio. It is easy to settle into a routine in this hotel, where live-and-let-live is combined with good living. The hotel also has a private port, which is ideal for day outings by boat.

Le Goéland
20137 Avenue Georges Pompidou,

+33 (0)4 95 70 14 15


Rooms: from 170 EUR