Last tango in Montevideo

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Last tango in Montevideo

The capital of Uruguay prides itself on having invented this iconic dance. With tango classes, shows and even a museum… the city beats to its rhythm.

Last tango in Montevideo

Welcome to “Tangópolis”

Undeniably linked with Buenos Aires, this Latin-American dance was in fact born in the heart of Uruguay. And in La Giralda café to be exact, where La Cumparsita, one of the most famous tango songs, was first played in 1917.

As tango is a national pastime, Montevideo claims its title as “the other Tangópolis”. In October, dubbed the Mes del Tango, (month of tango), more than 1,500 events (shows, concerts, street performances and so on) are organised the length and breadth of the country to celebrate this passionate musical and artistic form.

To find out more about the history of the dance, head to La Cumparsita Tango Museum (Museo del Tango La Cumparsita) on Plaza Independencia. Here, you can click on an interactive map and listen to dozens of versions of La Cumparsita, from Mongolian folk arrangements to Scottish Celtic tones. You will also find original scores, gramophones from back in the day, superb promotional posters and even a small bar where you can sample the local wine and watch a show. An unforgettable first foray into tango culture.

La Giralda
Bulevar General Artigas 1597
11200 Montevideo
+598 2408 2123

Museo del Tango La Cumparsita
Palacio Salvo
Plaza Independencia 846
11108 Montevideo
+598 9595 2233


Last tango in Montevideo

Colorful and musical city stroll

All year round, local tangueros and tourists alike share the dance floor at numerous milongas (dance halls dedicated to this oh-so-special art) to experience the smooth and vibrant rhythm of the tango.

First stop is Baar Fun Fun, an icon of the city. Founded in 1895, this is the place where a great many Latin legends came to strut their stuff. The venue is famous for its informal pulsating shows and its uvita, a typical Uruguayan drink.

A few blocks away, you can wander round pastel-coloured streets brought to live by tango-dancing couples performing stunning acrobatic moves. When you get to Joventango, be sure to step inside. This is one of the most respected places in town. Located within the Mercado de la Abundancia cultural centre, this modest hall offers tango lessons for beginners and intermediates from Monday to Saturday. In the evening from 9:30, show everyone how you have mastered the moves by taking part in the improvised show.

Mix in with the crowds in Plaza Liber Seregni, where from 8 o'clock in the evening, hordes of people of all abilities gather to dance, creating a warm and party-like atmosphere. You will find the same ambiance at La Yapita, a thrilling venue where you will need to reserve a table to stand a chance of dancing one last tango as the first light breaks over this musical city.

Baar Fun Fun
Soriano 922
11000 Montevideo
+598 2904 4859

Aquiles Lanza 1290 esq. San Jose
11100 Montevideo
+598 2901 5561

Plaza Liber Seregni
Dr. Martin C. Martínez
11200 Montevideo

La Yapita
1215 Zelmar Michelini
11100 Montevideo
+598 9918 3454