Lama Temple: a Buddhist haven

Lama Temple: a Buddhist haven

A princely residence, Buddhist temple and spiritual haven for common mortals.

The imperial colour of the roofs of the buildings of Yonghe Temple, better known as 'Lama Temple', reminds us that it belonged to the emperor before he gave it Tibetan Buddhist dignitaries this, at a time when political power was not so far from spiritual power.

Many Chinese visit this place; you see them in an attitude of prayer and meditation. Stroll through the courtyard and into the buildings, and through the splendid avenue lined with ginkgo trees; light incense sticks and make an offering. Slightly off the path, you will discover a gilded wooden Buddha that welcomes the faithful, then a four-sided Buddha from Thailand.

The surrounding streets also make a very pleasant walk: Yonghegong, with its bars, boutiques, and delicious snacks like baozi (stuffed buns) and Guozidian, chock-a-block with good addresses.

Lama Temple
12 Yonghegong Street
Dongcheng District

+86 (0)10 84191919