Ladies Market: for men too

Ladies Market: for men too

Thousands of articles to politely haggle over can be found at the Ladies Market.

Imagine a kilometre of streets lined with at least 100 shops. This is the Ladies Market, which is not quite what its name suggests, as an increasing amount of men's clothing is available here, too. Besides T-shirts and suits for gentlemen, you can buy cheap women's clothing, silk scarves, cosmetics, toys, watches, decorative items, etc.

Not to mention a multitude of very cheap iPhone cases, which, for some reason, are available nowhere else in Hong Kong. Do not be afraid to bargain. There are many salespeople and they welcome you with utmost courtesy.

Do not hesitate to venture into parallel streets where you can find very good electronic equipment for very low prices. Without realising it, you can spend a whole day at the Ladies Market. Fortunately, there are many restaurants all around.

Ladies Market
Tung Choi Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong